C.A. Bhavani Devi: Fencing her way to glory -Shashank Kotmire

It’s not another run off the mill story of a sports person, who against all odds wins the hearts of millions of people. In fact it is the run of the mill story every person should know and win hearts of millions of people.

The story of a sports person starts when they are young. Just when they are about to learn the first few lessons of life, sports imbibes characteristics into them.

11 year old Bhavani Devi picked up fencing as a sport in school. In 3 years’ time at the tender age of 14, she appeared at her first international tournament in Turkey. Fast forward to 2010 Asian Championship, C.A. Bhavani has won the Bronze Medal in Philippines for the Asian Championship and one another string of medals. To say a champion was in the making would be an understatement. The champion was already made; she just had to achieve greatness.

In 2015, she became of the 15 athletes to be chosen for ‘GoSports Foundation’.‘GoSports Foundation’ is a nonprofit funded by several former Olympic champions.

A hardly acknowledged sport has to overcome many barriers. Along with the sports, the sportsperson also overcomes difficulties. From crowd funding for her initial tournaments to winning medals on the international circuit, she surely has come a long way. She currently trains in Italy where the sport is really popular. 12 months ago, C.A. Bhavani Devi became the first Indian to win a gold medal in an International Fencing Championship at Reykjavik in Iceland. This year she won the silver in the Fencing Championship.

As a number obsessed nation, Indians would be glad to know that currently she is ranked 38 in the world. Although the recently concluded Commonwealth Games did not have fencing, C.A. Bhavani would love to get the same amount of support and acceptance the athletes got.

With the Asian Games approaching in August this year, C.A. Bhavani’s eyes are set on the goal and it won’t be leaving her sight throughout the tournament. That’s what top quality sportspersons are made of- discipline and pinch of obsession to win their way into people’s hearts and make the country proud!