Akshata Shete


Starting her training in gymnastics at the age of 6, Akshata Shete went on to represent India in multiple international events. She learned her routine disciplines with ease and was always in search of challenging and novel physical tasks. Ever since she has hung her boots, she trains and inspires young students to take up the sport she excelled in. Not only is she a coach, but she has also judged major gymnastic events. She has not only participated at the Commonwealth games, but she also went on to judge them. Recently, she was selected as a judge at the Asian Games 2018, and various other World Championship events. Her goal is to be one of the top judges in the world and judge at the Olympic Games. 

To invite her as Chief Guest for an event, Appearances, Brand Endorsements and Sponsorships, please write to us on: info@sportwiseindia.com